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Our is a FELV/FIV and DNA PKD Negative Cattery.
We are Registered with the Cat Fancier 
Association (CFA.)



About our Cattery 

Our kittens are raised underfoot, meaning they grow up in our home, literately under our feet.  Yes, this is the FUN and enjoyable part of having a persian cattery.  When the kittens are out and about, its easy for them to climb up onto a lap, when they want to.

About Our Kittens

Each kitten receives their first two sets of vaccine, are dewormed and neutered/spay at 12 weeks.   All of our kittens and adults are sold with a written contract guaranteeing their health against congenital illness for up to two years. 

About Me

I love breeding, caring for and selling our kittens to wonderful homes.  I started with breeding apricot and red minature poodles in 1984 and then began to breed persians in 1989.  I much prefer breeding persian.  They are elegant beautiful cats that are always a showcase, and are wonderful and loving companions.  In my 27 years of breeding its easy to say, I haven't meet a persian I didn't like.   

I love to show our cats and mainly do so at "Cat Fanciers Association (CFA)" cat shows.   I belong to the "United Silver and Golden Fanciers", An international CFA club dedicated to silver and golden persian and exotic cats.  
Occasionally, I will show at a TICA show.  I'm also a retired nurse and military veteran, with 23 years of service to our country.

Kitten 2018 Reservation List

Whisker Oaks Cattery has a Kitten Reservation List on it's Facebook page. As we are coming to the end of 2017, this list will soon be our "2018 - "Reservation List."  If you'd like the opportunity to join the list for 2017-2018, just send us a message on Facebook requesting more information.  A $300 Deposit is required to be on the Reservation List.  Once on the list you have priority over receiving a kitten based on were you are on the list.  Please include your mailing address so that we can send the information to you.  

Remember, mother nature gives us what she wants too, and not what we ask for. 

More Information and Current Pictures

E-mail:  If you're interested in one of our kittens, or adults, 
e-mail us at: 
 mott53@wi.rr.com  or join us at:
Facebook:  You can now find us on Facebook at "Whisker Oaks Persian Cattery."  
Once there "Like" us, and you'll get updates on our kittens and adults.

I just ordered our Whisker Oaks Cattery Christmas cards for 2017.  
Below are some of our past cards.





Below, is a litter of chinchilla silver persians

"Whisker Oaks Pink Pedal"

 Below is a picture of "Whisker Oaks Pink Pedal."
This picture is in the "United Silver and Golden Fanciers (CFA),"
2017 calend
ar, as Miss April. 

We are very proud of her!

(Below:  Whisker Oaks Pink Pedal has already been placed, and is not available)

Extasse's Pink Blush's Kittens
Born 22 January 2016
These kittens have been placed.

There were two females, Godiva, and Ambrosia and one male, Brach. 

The babies were just a month old in the below pictures.


Extasse's Pink Blush and
CH Extasse's Here's Looking at You Kid (Boggie)

Born 5 June 2015
This little boy has been placed, up North  What a sweet heart!

Below are two kittens from Extasse's Blossom and Extasse's Chance litter.  
oth have been placed. 



"Going to the Show"
We love to take our kittens/adults to cat shows.  We have attended both CFA and TICA shows in the past.  
You can normally find us each year at the CFA Cat Show (COW) in Waukesha, WI, every spring.

CH Extasse's Here Looking at You Kid

AKA "Boggie"

CH Boggie attended a CFA show in 2015 and received his Championship status as a chinchilla silver Persian.  He had the most points in Region 6 for the 2014-2015 CFA show year in the silver/golden category. In 2016, he made a "Final Ring" at the show.  We are very proud of him.

 you very much Extasse Persians, for this wonderful boy!

Gigi Kitten
Below is Gigi's kitten "Buttercup". She is one sweet kitten, who loves all the attention she can get.  She has been placed.

Whisker Oaks's Zu Zu's Pedal
Zu Zu has been placed.  




Whisker Oaks Cattery

If you're interested in one of our kittens, or adults, e-mail us at:  mott53@wi.rr.com

  You can now find us on Facebook at  "Whisker Oaks Cattery." 
Just "Like" us and you'll get updates on our kittens.
You can also see some of our kittens on U-Tube, just search for "Whisker Oaks Cattery"

These kittens have been placed
CH Bentley and Sophia had their second litter on 20 Feb 2013.  
They had  two boys and one girl.  They are all spoken for.







This was partying time at Whisker Oaks Cattery. 
Khaleese is in the front, then Suki, then Elvis.

CH Babette and CH Bentley had their
third litter on 23 January 2013
Below is Suki.  She now lives by Madison, WI.

Below are CH Babette's and CH Bentley's boys, they have been placed.
Congratulations Jamie, here is your Nelson!
Below is Sir Royce, who now lives in Washington D.C.
Below are CH Bentley and CH Babette's babies at birth.

Below, on the left and in the middle are the two males, the female is on the right. 
You can tell, as she is the smallest of the three. 

Forrest is now known as Bentley Jr.
Congratulations to Sonja on her new Persian 

Whisker Oaks Rock and Roll Elvis  
Son of CH Bentley and CH Grasshopper 

Thank you Kevin and Tracy for the below card of your boys, Gizzie and Gus.
They are the sons of Abby, our retired himmie. What a wonderful holiday picture!

Below are pictures of the new owners of Merlot, Blu and Orchid
What a lucky bunch of gorgeous kittens! and happy new owners!

Below are CH Bentley, CH Babette and Sophie
Sophie is Pickles Mother
                                                         Papa CH Bentley                      CH Babette                         Sophia
Past Kittens and Adults


Below, the full sisters CH Babette and Sophia caring for their kittens together. 
Sophia's kittens are growing up!  
Below are two of them having fun learning how to play with each other.


Two of these kittens went to Tracy and Kevin. 
Here is a pic of when they picked up their new kittens:


If your interested in one of our kittens check us out on Facebook, or e-mail us at mott53@wi.rr.com.


CH Babette and Sophia as Kittens


Below is CH Babette and her first kitten, Uno/Watts.
Below is Uno/Watts on the day he went to his forever home.
Below, Uno/Watts loved his new mom when she visited. 

CH Bentley and Abby's Litter
These kittens have all been placed. 
Below, Abby watches over her new babies.  
To the right is one of her kittens at six weeks, playing on a basket. 
All of these kittens have been placed, see their pick up days below. 
Below, congratulations to Tracy on her new kittens, Dallas (red tabby) and Tizzie (Torby) perisans.
These kittens are from her above litter.  
Below, congratulations to Jack and Debbie on their new kitten Rafa (silver tabby) perisan. 
Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) Cat Show

CH Babette and CH Grasshopper attended the CFA Cat Show in Wheaton, Il, March 24 and 25, 2012 at the DuPage County Fairgrounds. They each received  more than the six 1st Place ribbons required to become a champion.  Thus, we have two more champions in our cattery. Below is the benching area for Whisker Oaks Cattery. Each entry has a benching area that has to have a cage for the show contestants to be housed in, when they are between show rings. I made the curtains for the standard double wire cage. 
Below is Mike and Cathy Ott Whisker Oaks Cattery benching area. 
Next to the show cage is a grooming area for the cats. It can either be on the next table, or on a small table that is brought to the show, that sits in the aisle. We used the table next to our cage table, as it offered more privacy. 
Below, CH Babette is resting in the grooming area while watching the events. 
 Below, CH Babette and CH Grasshopper are in the show ring waiting to be judged.  Check out those HUGE eyes.
Below, both CH Babette and CH Grasshopper are being judged: 
Below, CH Grasshopper rests in the show ring after receiving her ribbons. A 1st place and a Best Color ribbon.  Between the two, CH Grasshopper received more points than CH Babette, although they were close to each other. 
 Below, on the left CH Grasshopper is waiting for the next ring, while Cathy and Sophia (our new female kitten) takes in the show during a short break. Sophia was just at the show checking things out.

TICA Cat Show
CFA CH Babette and CH Grasshopper also attended the TICA show in 
St Francis at the Cudahy Kennel Club on March 9, 10, and 11, 2012.   
Below, the benching area for Whisker Oaks Cattery at the TICA Cat Show. 
Below, #114 is CH Grashopper waiting to be judged. She's coming up next.
Below, Cathy Ott in front of the Whisker Oaks benching area. 
It can be hard to wait for "Kitten Pick Up Day."  
Check out some of our happy customers on their pick-up day.


Whisker Oaks "Pet Line" 
Pictures of Past Kittens Testimonials

 Hi Cathy - attached are a few pictures of Sebastian (we kept his name the same, it just seemed to fit him). He is a wonderful, playful sweet cat and we love him dearly. He's been very healthy, eats like a horse and has grown a lot. His favorite thing to do is to sit on the table in the screen porch and watch the critters outside. Now that it's colder, he gets to do that less often, but he's found a couple of windows that work too...thanks for such a wonderful addition to our family! Lisa Basting

Sebastian, What a gorgeous boy you are! Thank you for the update, Lisa.

Below is another kitten from the same litter, a little female silver torby. Katie sent us an update.
Hi Cathy, Sophie is doing so well, we love her to pieces! Kate

Below is Willow, one of our female torbies all grown-up.
 Parents:  Izabella and CH Bentley (Pet Line)

Malcome and Emma Rose
I visited Barb in Sheboygan Falls to see Malcome and Emma Rose this summer.
Malcome is a red tabby Persian whose parents are CH Bentley and Izabella. I hadn't seen him since he was a little kitten. Now, he is a wonderfully big boy who loves to come out and visit with company.
Emma Rose was one of our past dames, who was retired. She is just a little thing at about 5 lbs. Barb is a wonderful mother to both. Thanks for the visit.

Cosmo - Cream Persian
I thought I would send you a couple of updated 1 year old pictures of Skylar. (We changed his name to Cosmo). He just loves to greet anyone that comes to the house and will follow you anywhere. He loves to talk and will sit and watch everything you do. He is just a good kitty….

Hi Cathy,
My friend e-mailed me some pictures she took of Serena at our Christmas party in December. She was the life of the party, everyone just loved her. My other two cat's hide, but not Serena, she is a social butterfly. She curled up and slept on a small perch in the basement, but she would not leave the party. She is ohh so sweet, and we love her so much. Every time I am on the computer, she has to come downstairs, and be right by me, she likes the arrow on the computer, and I move it around with the mouse. Serena is grown so much, but she still acts like she did when we brought her home. She is over 6 months now.

Jack and I would like to be contacted when Abby will have her next litter, but I am sure I already told you that. Happy New Year, Debbie


Hi Cathy,

I have been trying to send you these pictures of Billi for awhile now, but my computer wouldn't let me! I thought you might want to see how she was doing because I know you love your cats/kittens so much. I have to tell you that she is so loved. Everyone laughs because she is more like a dog than a cat. She follows me everywhere, wants to always be around people, and loves to play. She is absolutely my joy during the day. She has been doing great at the vet as well. The girls who work there even asked for your website because they think that she is beautiful. Thank you so much!!! She is incredible and has the best disposition. In the middle of the night she also sleeps on my pillow. I wanted you to know how great she is!!! Congratulations on your new litter. Whoever gets them are very lucky. Thanks again. Amy

Dewey - Red Tabby Male

Dewey is amazing. His temperament is fantastic. He is loving up my daughter who is 4! I'll keep you posted, so far, I am thrilled! Elissa

Lehley and Zahra, golden and silver Persians

I received your Xmas card and wanted to write you back with a link to a bunch of photos I've taken of Lehley and Zahra over the last year on my camera phone. The two of them are beautiful and completely love each other, so it's hard not to get good photos of them. I am having so much fun with these two girls, we are having a great life together. Amir Washington, D.C.

Sir Michael
- silver persian

Mikey is doing great! He gets soooo much attention. Everyone loves him, and our adult male cat "Jake" is adjusting fine. Happy new year! Stephanie
Poppy - golden Persian

Poppy had her surgery (spayed) on Monday and is doing well.
They all think she is one of the sweetest cats they've taken care of.

Miss Lela - Torby Female

She is doing great!!! She is playing with both Suki and Hanna, running around the house, injecting energy into the group! Is working out just fantastic! And, she is really intrigued with my shower…lol……I just wish I could get her to stop waking me up in the middle of the night trying to climb up my nose >^..^<

Sophie and Simba - Torby Female and Silver Male

The babies are doing real good. The boys love to play with them (Sophie and Simba,) and the kittens purr when they get snuggles on the cat tree. Below,
Simba, gets a big hug here from his buddy

Sir Simone

Sir Simone made it to us safe and sound (he traveled via air from Milwaukee to Oklahoma.) He is so much fun and has already won over our hearts! My son continues to tell me how much he loves Simone! I think they will be get friends! I am attaching a picture of Kaleb and Simone sleeping together in the chair. Thanks again for everything! Tracy, Oklahoma

Holly - Silver Female

Holly, meets her new owner, just in time for Christmas.
I had the honor of escorting her from Wisconsin to her new home in San Francisco.

Past kitten pictures - at the cattery

See our "Past Kitten" page for more pictures.

See our "Available Kittens" page for more information on an available kittens.

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