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All of our kittens and adult cats are vet check to ensure good health before placement.  Our cattery is DNA PKD and FELV/FEV tested negative.  We do not place our kittens until they are 12 weeks old, neutered and/or spayed.  This gives you a healthy and well adjusted kitten.  Our Cattery is registered with the CFA.

Whisker Oaks Cattery - Extasse Persians
 Whisker Oaks 
Cattery is a CFA registered cattery that specializes in breeding silver and golden persians.  You will see pictures of our kittens and adults along with Extasse Persians kittens and adults on our page, as well as ours on their page, as we work closely together to raise healthy, happy and well adjusted silver and golden persians. 
Our catteries are both DNA-PKD and FELV/FIV tested negative.


For up-to-date information on our available kittens, check us out on Facebook at Whisker Oaks Cattery." Also, if your interest in joining the 2017 Reservation Kitten List, send us a message to check on current prices and to request an adoption packet.  A $300 deposit is required to get onto the reservation list.

2016 Kittens
Extasse's Radiant Bliss and Ultamint Rock'n Roses Litter
Born 5 November 2016

Below is momma Bliss watching her babies.

Below:  Bliss and Rock'n had two male blue chinchilla golden persians and
one female chinchilla silver kittens.  Only one male is still available.

Below is one of the males

Below is Whisker Oaks Bling Time in Paris
She will be staying here at Whisker Oaks Cattery

Below is one of the males.

Below is a picture that show of the blue chinchilla golden coats of the males.

Below are the two males.

The below have all been placed
2015 Kittens
All Placed

2014 Kitten


CH Bentley and CH Babette's babies have been born
23 January 2013
All Kittens Have Been Placed
Two chinchilla silvers (a boy and a girl) and
one shaded silver (classical pattern - boy)
These kittens have all been placed.



The names above are their cattery names, so that we know who a kitten is when people are talking about them.

Watts - CH Bentley and CH Babette's first kitten
29 April 2012

CH Babette and Sophia's September 2012

These kittens have been placed

Cotton and his new family. 
Placed December 2012

"Blu" is picked up by his new family, placed December 2012.

"Orchid" is picked up by her new mom in December 2012.
"Merlot" is picked up by his new mom, December 2012.

Forrest goes home January 2012
Willow (aka Minnie) comes back for a visit when Abby joined the family.  Willow was a surprise Christmas present.


Gracie at six weeks.

Gracie at one week.

Golden Classical Tabby Female
Congratulations Betty, and Jena, enjoy Joy.

Jackie at three weeks

Jackie at one week

Below are pictures of Grasshopper and
her last litter of kittens. 
These kittens have all been placed.

Grasshopper tries to get something to eat
while her kittens snack (at 7 weeks of age.)

Above:  left to right, Porsha, Lucy and Tonka
Fifi La Porsha and The Mighty Tonka play
in a box at the age of  3 weeks.

The Mighty Tonka and La La Lucy
playing with a ball at three weeks of age.

Grasshopper is keeping the kittens in their box. 
They are only 3 weeks in this picture.

Newborn pictures


Pictures of Past Kittens

 Fifi La Porsha at 7 weeks
Fifi La Porsha at 4 weeks of age

5/19/11 - Porsha at 8 days

Porsha at 1 day

La La Lucy at 7 weeks


La La Lucy at 4 weeks of age

5/19/11 - Lucy at 8 days

Lucy at 1 day

Shaded silver female persian
Congratulation Anita your Lucy's new owner

The Mighty Tonka at 7 weeks
The Mighty Tonka a 4 weeks of age

5/19/11 - Tonka a 8 days

Tonka at 1 day

Classical golden/tabby male persian
Congratulation Heidi  

 Kitten Pictures

CH Bentley and Abby's litter,  11 January 2011



Here is Skylar with his new family. 
Thanks Julie for giving him a great home.  Skylar loved his bath. 
He said the more soap the better!


Lisa was the first to pick up her kitten Sebastian. 
She will be getting lots of attention and love.   
He had his bath first and decided, it wasn't too bad.

Congratulations Kate and family

Sophie will be a busy little girl in a loving home.  But then again, Sophie loves to be busy. 
She also loved her bath last night.

If you are interested in one of our available kittens/adult cats, please send me an e-mail at mott53@wi.rr.com


Golden Male Persian Adult


Our wonderful sweet little boy has found a new home. 
Congratulations Alicia and John.  He was so excited to go check out his new home when John came to pick him up, he was standing by the door waiting to go.  Then he walked into the carrier, for his ride to his new home.  What a sweetie. 
He will be missed by all!!!!

Update - Woodie is enjoying his new home.  He can't believe how lucky he is to have so much attention!

Update:  Woodie has a new brother who lives with him, Jeremiah!  From CH Bentley and CH Grasshoppers 28 Sep 2011 litter.  It was love at first sight.  Woodie is enjoying caring for his new little brother.  What a handsome pair they make!  

is Woodie's new companion, Jeremiah.

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