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We thank our adoptees for sending the below Testimonials on our cattery. We spend many hours caring for our cats and kittens. We are blessed with many wonderful adoptee’ for our kittens and adults.

22 November 2016
Boaz Shaded Silver Persian
Last November 2, 2015, we lost our beloved Persian, Chewie, after batting Renal Failure for 6 of the 7 years we had him. He had been a stray, our daughter found. We had never wanted a cat - did not like cats! Chewie, however, became my baby. He was just an amazing sweet and loving guy. Putting him down was one of the worst days.
Within a week of losing chewy I knew we needed to look for another kitty. Our Golden Retriever, Raji, was so lonely without his buddy and we all missed having a kitty around. I began to look into Persian breeders in Wisconsin and Illinois.
There was a breeder in Illinois that our friends had always bought their Persians from so I tried contacting her first. She did not respond for several weeks, and within that time I had gone online to look into breeders in Wisconsin. Whisker Oaks was the FIRST Cattery to pop up in my search. One look at the kitties at Whisker Oaks and I KNEW this was the place to contact.
The timing could not have been more perfect! There was a litter of kittens that were going up for adoption at that time! We knew we wanted another Male. We also wanted a Silver kitten and one look at the pictures Cathy had of “Frosty” (his name at the time) and he stole our hearts before we had ever met him!
We emailed Cathy that night and within a few hours she had sent us pictures and prices. She was empathetic when she heard the story of chewy. Her compassion touched my heart so much. We set-up a time to go over and meet, what we hoped was our new kitten.
I had never been to a Cattery before, and I honestly have to say that having the amount of cats and kittens that they do, their home is IMMACULATE! You would never know a bunch of cats and kittens live there - until they poke their head around the corner or come over and nuzzle your leg or jump on your lap :)
Cathy spent SO much time talking with us, getting to know us and about our daily routines, lives, other pets (Raji) and children. She showed a genuine concern for making sure her precious cargo of kittens would be going to good, caring and loving homes.
Because Chewie had been a stray, we had never had anyone educate us on the care of raising a Persian. The grooming, bathing (A CAT! Hahahaha) and the differences in a Persian personality in comparison with other breeds. Cathy spent a lot of time and patience giving us information and instruction on the best care for our new baby :)
Boaz, our new Shaded Silver Persian is just a JOY to have in our home! He took to the dog so fast and they have been buddies since the day after we brought him home. He is spunky sassy, sweet and loving. He makes us laugh every day! He loves to run SUPER fast and then leap up onto his cat tree, He and Raji play so awesome together and love each other. It’s really sweet. He sleeps by my feet every night and nuzzles me with his face in the middle of the night to get my attention to pet him :) We are so incredibly blessed with our beautiful, sweet cat from Cathy Ott and Whisker Oaks Cattery.
Cathy has been incredibly helpful. I contact her often for advice and to share pictures and stories of Boaz’s life. She is quick to get back with advice, never seems bothered by questions.
She loves to keep up to date on her kitties. She is an incredibly special person and we are blessed to have gotten to know her through the purchase of Boaz.I have and will continue to recommend Whisker Oaks Cattery to anyone I know who is interested in purchasing a silver or golden Persian cat. Jill
Sir William Wallis
Born August 18, 2007

There are times at Whisker Oaks when circumstances make us think just how lucky we are to have so many beautiful and loving cats and kittens.  This was one of them, we placed Willie in a loving home.  He was going, to become a sire for Whisker Oaks Cattery, however he was needed more elsewhere.   Elvis, a 16 year old red tabby Persian had just passed away, bringing grief to a family of four.  Many of us have experienced this lost, and know how sad it is.  

The care given to Elvis, by this family was extraordinary.  They cared for Elvis for months, after he was diagnosed with cancer of the mouth.  During Elvis's last weeks he required daily care and support.  He was not randomly put down or abandoned,  just because he was ill, they cared for him. They provided vet services and continued to love him until he was ready to let go.  He was a true member of their family.  

Now, Sir William is there, not to take Elvis's place, but to start his own and 
to fill a very large void. 

Bob and Family - Enjoy Willie's spirit, love and being

Hans Solo

April 10, 2008
Purchased a Cameo Male Persian   

Hans is doing great and growing more and more every day.  He has the run of the house and the neighbors and their children adore him.  He works the family well giving his attention to all.  I personally think that he is becoming attached to our oldest daughter as Hans likes to snuggle with her.  His eyes are changing color and it looks like they will be a greenish color.

I expected his first few nights to be restless since he was entering a new environment, but I must say that he surprised me and adapted quite well.  I slept on the couch the first night and he slept with me without a peep.  Now Hans looks for a warm bed and a warm body to snuggle with nightly.  He eats well and plays until he runs out of energy and then climbs into his cat den to nap.

We again cannot thank you and your family enough for letting Hans join our family.  


February 21, 2008 
Red Tabby Persian 

Malcolm is growing into a really beautiful boy, his coat is red and thick and he gets brushed everyday. He is spoiled! he loves to play fetch with his sparkle balls.  Malcolm is smarter than any other cat I've ever owned.  I bought him a new water bottle gadget.  If you move it, the water drips into the drinking dish.  Since he is fascinated with water, he likes to watch it drip, he figured out the moving part on this own and now sticks his paw behind the bottle and pushes it around the floor.  

Every evening he is waiting for me at the door when I come home.  All in all he has made such a change in my life, he's become a great companion, although it's like having a grandchild around!  I couldn't be happier with him.  Anyone who sees him remarks that he's the cutest cat they've  ever seen.  Again, thanks for breeding such wonderful kittens.  


May 15, 2007 
Silver Patched Tabby
Mattie is doing real well.  She likes to play, loves the kids, and begs at the bottom of your feet to be held.  We can't get enough.  

South Dakota



October 28, 2006
Silver Male and Female Persian   

The babies are doing real good.  The boys love to play with them, and the kittens purr when they get snuggles on the cat tree.  When we put the boys to bed we read a story and after lay in the dark with them.  Simba visited Kyle and I the other night and plopped on his pillow, touched Kyle's head with all 4 paws and nuzzled his ear! Kyle giggled and squirmed, Simba purred.  

Sophie also did snuggles with Tyler in bed too but without the ear, she licked Tyler's chin.  I think she tasted a little toothpaste and cleaned him up.  She's such a sweetie with all of us.  Samba is the little frisky one.


Just wanted to let you know that Pumpkin has settled in and made himself at home.  In fact, within a half hour of walking in the door, he was roaming about like he owned the place.  Our other cat, Mei-Li, is warming up to him.  I was laughing so hard I cried last night.  He was literally bending over backwards to charm her.  First, he would do the play-fighting thing they do, where they run at one another side-ways.  Mei-Li just sat like a sphinx, watching him.  When he got close enough, she gave him a few right hooks and a hiss.  Undaunted, he rolled over on his back as if to say "come on, you know I'm cute."  Then the whole process repeated itself, about three or four times.  It reminds me of the stereotypical storyline where the hero does everything to charm his love, and she plays hard-to-get.  She is sneaking up behind him to steal some "sniffs" when he's busy (like when he's eating), so I know she is not really afraid or truly hostile towards him.  She's just holding her ground, letting him work hard for her affection.  Sometimes he gets to chasing her around the house. 
He is so playful and loving.  He has baptized each and every one of us so far by cuddling up and taking a nap with us.  He's not particular as to whom he cuddles with.  He's just a real charmer. 
He has learned to use our litter boxes (we use the Litter Robot).  The only problem I'm having is Mei-Li is sneaking his food and has stopped eating her own.  I guess there's not much that can be done with that--hopefully he'll chase her around enough so she'll not gain too much weight. 
I'll send some pictures once I get a chance.
Franklin, Wisconsin


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