Whisker Oaks Persian Cattery

The Mommas and the Papas


Extasse's Efflorescent Blossom
Shaded Golden Persian

Blossom is currently due to have kittens the last week of December.  Here she is below, as a kitten herself.  She is one of the biggest pests in the cattery, and we love her that way! She loves to visit everyone that comes to the cattery. 

She is a gorgeous Shaded Golden Persian with a super personality.  

Extasse's Radiant Bliss
Chinchilla Golden Persian
(Dtgr of Whisker Oaks Khaleesi Stormborn)

Bliss in her Lion cut

Whisker Oaks Pickles
Chinchilla Silver Persians

Whisker Oaks Pickles as a Kitten

Extasse Sophia and baby Whisker Oaks Cattery Pickles

Whisker Oak's Otta Be Godiva
Chinchilla Silver Persian


Eigenauer's Skeeter of Whisker Oaks
Shaded golden persian

Whisker Oaks Cattery
Retired - Placed


CH Extasse Babette
Chinchilla Silver

Chinchilla Silver
Gigi is a very special persian, not only because she had beautiful babies, but the color of their eyes were strikingly gorgeous and personalities were sweet and loving.  
personality was outgoing, sweet and a bit of a joker, which we loved.  She also loved company. 

Gigi loves to play peek-a-boo :)

Extasse's Pink Blush
Chinchilla Golden
Blush is now at Extasse Persians

Extasse's Sophia Rose
(This is the mother of Whisker Oaks Godiva and Whisker Oaks Pickles)

Ambi Baby Boots of Whisker Oaks
Golden Shaded Persian

Extasse Otter
Male chinchilla silver persian

CH Extasse's Here's Talking to You Kid
 AKA "CH Boggie"

Chinchilla Silver Persian


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